Spring Arrives at HEYDAY!

Spring is a favorite time of year at HEYDAY. Our new menu launches Monday, April 4, and it's going to be a beauty - featuring asparagus, tarragon, spring onions, fresh basil and so much more. We can't wait!

Below, Andrew, Adrian, Jeremy & Jordan (from left) show off their new hats promoting California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and some of our awesome raw ingredients. We think you know this by now, but HEYDAY uses exclusively organic California produce in all of our dishes!

     Two great breakfast choices: Our fig upside down cake and fig and walnut toast. 


Two great breakfast choices: Our fig upside down cake and fig and walnut toast. 



Nothing makes us happier than gorgeous organic produce in the height of season. It's what makes the food at HEYDAY special. This week's figs from Napa Hillside Farm were the most beautiful any of us have ever seen - and that's saying something.

Chef Jeremy and his crew are baking up some very special breakfast treats and snacks with these figs. Don't miss them!

  Graffiti Eggplants from Napa Hillside Farm.

Graffiti Eggplants from Napa Hillside Farm.

Featured this Week:
Graffiti Eggplants

Gorgeous late-summer graffiti eggplants from our friends at Napa Hillside Farm. They're almost too beautiful to cook ... almost! 

Chef Jeremy loves the luxurious smooth texture of these eggplants - they're a great Mediterranean vegetable in the height of season. His favorite ways to eat them are grilled, smoked and roasted. 

In addition to our roasted eggplant sandwich, you'll find them this week in a special pasta salad with roasted tomatoes and ricotta salata. We're getting hungry just publishing this post!


With a quinoa shortage depriving native Bolivians and Peruvians of their staple grain, we started thinking more about serving quinoa in California. At HEYDAY, we don't believe it's a sustainable practice to serve vegetables that have been shipped halfway around the world. Why would we serve grains grown thousands of miles away? 

So we found two delicious, nutrient-rich grains grown organically right here in California: millet and amaranth. They're just as packed with protein and beneficial vitamins and they don't have to be shipped halfway across the Americas. We now feature these local super-grains in our Moroccan Chickpea Salad. Stop in and try some today!